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Flashtool Linux Drivers

They can better assist you with that. Have tried redoing this a few times but get the same result. Mouse did not work when plugged into the Gemini usb hub. So, as of now, it is not supposed to be easy. Do you still have the memory card inserted?

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The booting process detailed in the guide only works for the very first Linux image. Got me to thinking, so I quit trying to use the Archive Manager in Linux, and did it with unzip at the command line. You need a very compatible firmware with perfectly matching drivers to fix it. The first solutions will probably all use the current android-kernel and use a compatibility wrapper for the hardware drivers.

If instead the side button is pressed, which is what you want, then the unit will boot into Linux. Can the install be performed using linux tools? You can install Debian Linux, tvgoa12 driver windows 7 for example.

How to Install Debian Linux on the Gemini Gemini Planet

Is the device still detected by your computer? Are you able to access fastboot mode? As Adam noted there, the next image file version released should be a lot more developed.

Any way to you enlarge text? Had to buy a usb to usb-c adaptor and plug mousmouse into Gemini without the hub. You can dismiss this to continue. Let me know if you need further assistance. Xterm runs, but text is microscopic.

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Hold the power button down, gives a pathetic buzz periodically but nothing else happens. Need magnifying glass to read text. Disconnect the device and perform a factory reset before you power on fully. Or, if the Gemini is already booted, it just sits there doing nothing until I hit Stop.

After a couple of times of doing this, the upload worked for me. This installs a bit architecture right?


Now I can go into fastboot mode through recovery and I had already unlocked bootloader before the touchscreen issue. Todos los enlaces han sido actualizados. Can be found underneath the back cover. The Gemini is off and disconnected. What device is listed in Device Manager?

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Am I on the right path here? It all depends on the device and firmware. After you press Esc On for a second, the unit will start booting. Luckily Planet Computers are as open as they can be boot loader is open source. As it turns out, the Linux firmware file could not be unzipped with the standard Windows extract method.

Should I just ignore this warning? What's the device model exactly? Was this thread usefull for you?

No scatterfile for myphone agua iceberg mini. If I release the Silver key when the screen comes on, the device still sits there for a moment, then reboots and goes in to Android. Cela prend un temps plus que certain. In most cases, this works just fine.

Check that you have properly installed the required drivers. That should install the required drivers on your computer. Is there any way I can tweak the touchscreen drivers through adb? The phone turns on and the volume and power buttons work perfectly. The backlight and a quick vibration is all I get.

Flashtool linux drivers

By the way, what actually is wrong with the device? Which other file do you mean? Let me how this turns out! Mouse Mouse did not work when plugged into the Gemini usb hub.

Need a step by step guide. Keeps asking to load the scatter file. It had only one space in the folder. No feedback from the device at all.

Device must be turned off, before attaching to pc. Can anyone provide a more detailed, blow-by-blow description of how to boot Linux. What is Linux with any functional networking? Booting into each of these requires a separate operation, clarified below. Initializing scatter file failed.

Any help would be much appreciated. Phones are for big companies much more interesting financially if they can spy on you. Quick vibration and backlight same as before. Only if I load a scatter file prior the read back, I can complete the backup.

Does the folder name contain special characters? Cause i tried the latest one and the two before that. Is there anything else I can try before I decide to throw the phone in the bin?

Now the phone will not even turn on. If I continue to hold the Silver key, the device goes in to a boot loop. Did either of you guys get this working?

It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Notify me of new posts by email. That set of instructions seems a bit more complete. If I recall correctly ssh is already installed and working, so if you connect to your network you can ssh in from another machine.

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