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  1. Lose, despite having a good lead.
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  3. Thank God Transgender Too Good.
  4. Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

What Does HWP Stand for in the Personals

Good looking girl Hispanic. Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco. It could mean Big, Beautiful, and Curvy. It can also mean, Big, Black, and Curvy.

Here s What These Popular Dating Terms Really Mean

Something or someone good. Good looking Cool, awesome. Follow Us Facebook Twitter. Looking left, uk dating website free shifty look.

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What does GL mean GL Definition. Meaning of GL

Ltr dating acronym

Neither good nor bad, average. Natural Light beer Smart, good, cool. Man for Woman a man seeking a woman.

Dating Acronyms and Abbreviations

Looking to find, I believe. Good, Giving, and Game in bed. Awesome, good Serious, dating websites that start with intense.

  • Being good at something, cool.
  • The man you're looking for.
  • Look at Estimate measurement by looking.
  • Parents Looking Over Shoulder.

Very potent marijuana Incredibly good, awesome. Good Night and Everything. Said when admitting opponent has made a good point. Jet means that they have to somewhere in a hurry.

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Urban Dictionary gl

Something really bad Something really good. Trending Now Top Ten most popular slang look ups today. It means friendly or pot friendly.

What does GL mean

Craigslist Slang

Girl who is good looking except for her face. What does fwb mean in personal adds? Playing basketball Living the good life.

What does GL stand for

Good looking, attractive, cute. Said when something tastes good or is attractive. Forward Looking Infra Red. Height Proportionate To Weight.

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