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Up to sheets of paper can be loaded. Reattach the cover over the optional card. Paper Type The printer detected that the actual paper type was not the same as the paper tray size and paper type setting.

Push the new fusing unit into the printer. Carefully slide the paper tray into the printer until it stops.

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Guide To The Printer When printing on custom paper size, printer driver settings are required. If you set a paper type only by the printer driver, printing result might not be appropriate. For details, ipevo vp170 driver mac see the printer driver Help.

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Nrg sp 4100n driver

See the printer driver Help. Quick Installation Guide Contains procedures for removing the printer from its box, connecting it to a computer, and installing its driver. Adjust the rear and side guides to the paper size you want to load.

Aficio SP 4100N/4110N

If you do, the front and side guides might move. Removing Misfed Paper Pull the fusing unit out.

Align the holes over the pins, and then lower the printer gently onto the paper feed unit. Be careful not to get toner dust on your hands or clothes. This explains about the V model printer. Push the under board levers and then pull the duplex unit out of the printer. Fasten the two screws to fix the hard disk drive.

The value we provide today and into the future to our customers. Lowering the envelope lever increases roller pressure. To avoid this time delay, do not turn the power off while it is in operation. You can attach up to two paper feed units. The printer is warming up or toner is being supplied.

Cleaning The Registration Roller Not waiting for the printer to cool down can result in a burn. Environment Environmental management that achieves both environmental conservation and business growth. Doing so can damage the printer. Confirm that any torn paper scraps are not in the inside of the printer. The printer detected that the actual paper type and size are not the same as the paper tray size setting and the paper type setting.

In this setting, adjust the margins of the test sheet so that they are equal in size. About Us We are specialists in n to find and legacy computer, laptop and server bits. Push in the duplex unit along the rails at the back of the printer. But when the optional paper feed unit or the duplex unit is installed, updating is useful in some cases. The supported size may differ depending on the printer language you use.

The vertical adjustment is used for all trays. The product you bought was defective or damaged. The following table shows the control panel settings and their default values. Clean the friction pad when more than one sheet of paper is fed into the printer.

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