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16 and Pregnant Full Episode Guide

Brittainy tries to bury the hatchet with Matt, but the talk goes poorly. Select Compatibility View Settings. Stone and Brittany clash over their relationship goals. While Kristin Cavallari is out of town for a Uncommon James pop-up, lol hi her employees scramble to make quota during the busiest shipping day of the year.

Pregnant & Dating Full Episode Guide

The episode provides updates on eight of the mothers who had appeared in earlier episodes. This episode shows all the unseen clips of episodes that were not aired during the first season, and is hosted by Dr. Zack begins a new business venture with Davis as his partner, dating manic bipolar while Olivia is caught on the newspaper's security camera.

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The show follows the girls for the last months of pregnancy and for several months after they give birth. While anticipating the arrival of her baby, Myranda struggles as she watches her mom's battle with substance abuse spiral out of control. Zack intends to meet some other fathers as most of his other friends are not at this stage of life yet, but instead makes friends with a lesbian couple. After a month of caring for her daughter alone, Ashley decides to go through with the adoption and gives Callie to her aunt and uncle, who live a few hours away.

And he returns to the apartment he proposes dating Billie. Billie becomes the butt dating jokes when her waxing appointment is episodes due to Zack and Davis. When Billie starts dating a colleague from her newspaper, Zack is unable and hide his jealousy.

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Some of the girls have supportive families or romantic partners, but many are struggling with broken homes and bad relationships. Durham now works as a Dental Assistant. Prior to the baby's birth, the episode focuses on Arianna's ongoing frustration with Maurice's total lack of financial or emotional support through the pregnancy. Liv plans to parent trap her previously married but now single mom and dad. The girls all crack under the strain, giving viewers a first-hand look at the difficulties of teenage pregnancy.

  1. Tears, tears, and more tears!
  2. Natalie Halcro brings an ex to Whistler and her dad grills him.
  3. Also, Courtney was born with a cleft lip and cleft palate, which required seven surgeries to correct.
  4. Sabrina had it all as a California girl.

Kim decides to pursue her dream of becoming a lawyer. After staying in the hospital for weeks, barstool online dating they finally bring Lukas home and Kristina adjusts to being a single teen mother. As she is in a relationship.

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Prior to the birth, Akerill and Wolters got married. Kris is in an Ariana Grande video. Plus, the cousins crash a blind date!

Stone asks for commitment from Brittainy, but she spirals at the thought of marriage. Reload the page, and enjoy. Meanwhile, James tries to hook up with teenagers by pretending to be one himself. The rest of the episode focuses on Maurice's lack of financial or emotional support, with him starting to provide some support towards the end of the episode.

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She is pregnant by her boyfriend, Eric Kennemer, and they live together in a guest house on his grandmother's property. While on a spiritual quest to find balance in Bali, Kourtney gets news that makes her consider a future with Scott. When Owen decides to try drag for the first time, he worries what his pastor father will think.

In that incident, Robinson-Head herself also drowned, but was saved. Plus, the famous family evacuates their homes due to the California wildfires. Kristin considers bringing back a former employee, but her decision doesn't sit well with the staff. Following the birth, the episode focuses on Derek's continued lack of interest in working, leading to Jordan's and Derek's ongoing financial struggles and continued homelessness. Plus, Kourtney debates skipping Halloween for work!

Lizzo discusses the trauma of losing her number one fan. Drew to discuss their struggles and provide updates on their lives and relationships. Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson, cousins and best friends, are Vancouver girls making it big in Hollywood. Olivia Pierson's brother finally shares his drag dream with their pastor father and Natalie Halcro's sister decides if she wants to find her long lost half-sister.

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Pregnant & Dating Episode 1 Speed Dating

Immediately following the birth, Zeplin suddenly starts showing no interesting in Howard nor the baby, and the remainder of the episode focuses on that situation devolving. After her birth, the episode focuses on the adjustments Waller must make to her life and goals due to being a teen mother. Her efforts to manipulate Zack create an even bigger mess, eventually leading to a fight between her and Zack. Scheana Shay reconnects with her grandmother.

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Kim continues her work in prison reform. There is enmity prior to the birth between Zeplin and Howard's mother, which Jordan ascribes to the Howards being black and the Zeplins being white. Watch Kristin, free 100 Jay and Kelsey Darragh have some fun while chowing down.

Prior to the birth, the episode focuses on the couple's tumultuous relationship and Lind's controlling behavior. Not only do Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson confront Liv's dad Brian about his smoking, but the influencers decide if Sophia will join them on a work trip to London. Meanwhile, employees discover some packaging issues back at the store. Stephanie finds out that she has a long-lost sister, but has cold feet about meeting her.

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Pregnant, Abby tries and make Olivia pay her share of tab. She is pregnant by her on-and-off boyfriend, Ben Lagle. But when she reveals she's pregnant, she must move to Tennessee to live with her grandparents.

  • In Nashville, Brittainy tries to fix a shipping issue, and Jay struggles with Kristin being away.
  • Kristin and Jay make time for each other.
  • Following the birth, the episode focuses on the drama between Durham and Worsham after Durham finds out Worsham had been cheating on her.

After the birth, the episode focuses on Millina's growing estrangement with Trevor as he begins to side with his mother against Millina. Trainer Luke Milton shows twins Ashley and Amber how to reclaim their health. By late-summer, Autumn had announced the pair were separating via social media posts.

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